Bouncy Mouse

Bouncy Mouse 1.062

Collect cheese and attack Captain Cat


  • Great puzzle gameplay
  • Addictive
  • Incredible overall style


  • Ads inhabit much of the bottom screen

Very good

Bouncy Mouse is an evolution of physics-based puzzle apps. Rather than challenging you to destroy objects like other mobile arcade apps, Bouncy Mouse has players traversing through levels using physic controls.

The player assists a small mouse move through levels by attaching itself to different nodes laid out over the level. Pulling back on the mouse increases the tension of the elastic band and then lets the mouse fly through the level, usually to another node. Bouncy Mouse is also a flying rubber mouse, bouncing off any surface in the app, other than water or the hazards that inhabit the level.

In Bouncy Mouse, the goal is to collect as much cheese as possible before punching the cheese-protecting Captain Cat in the face. Defeating the cat signifies the end of the level and the collected cheese is tallied together.

Bouncy Mouse is an incredible polished looking puzzle app. The fast animations coupled with a fun soundtrack keep things very fresh. Bouncy Mouse is a great evolution of the puzzle genre and marks the first great new piggyback of the genre.

Bouncy Mouse is a great app to experience. It has everything a puzzle fan wants and the challenges keep things addictive.

Bouncy Mouse


Bouncy Mouse 1.062

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